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UNIX, an Operating System developed in olden days in which kernel interacts directly with the hardware. kernel is consider to be heart of this OS. In this Operating system everything is considered as a file, provides greater security. Unix requires a more powerful hardware configuration. It will work in large mainframe computers but will not work in an x86 based personal computer.

LINIX, an Operating system which use Unix as its base and gives further more facilities and applications. Merely speaking, GUI(Graphical User Interface) is made in Linux having Unix as its core. Linux has small hardware requirements and it will work on both a large mainframe computer and an x86 based personal computer. Different organizations used the UNIX kernel and added their own essence to form their own version of Linux.

LINUX is open source.

Solaris OS also using the same Unix kernal and all the unix commands will work on solaris and have 500 more solaris specific commands.

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